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We at Apollo Vanguard recognize that a healthy nation is a strong nation. For most healthcare is financed through health insurance either fully insured or self-insured. Most of the services we offer are focused on self-insured plans since the employer controls the funds for claims payments and owns the healthcare plan offered to their members.

Although there is no one easy solution to contain cost while delivering best care possible Apollo Vanguard dissects each segment of healthcare to achieve an overall improvement. Pharmaco and Medical Travel along with Pharmacogenomics are disruptive strategies with tremendous results. As you visit our website keep in mind that we offer other ideas and programs to implement that will improve business cashflow and increase retained earnings all the while making a healthier workforce.

Break away from the status quo of higher healthcare inflation and begin by contacting us on how to start.

Healthcare cost is close to 18% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and a very good portion of that cost are prescription drugs. Normal inflation for the past 10 years has been 1.9% while Prescription Drugs alone have skyrocketed to over 15%.

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